We immerse ourselves in every aspect of your project, from its conceptualisation and design to the construction phase, interior design, and furnishing.

We are Katrina Dravitzki and Alister Brown – a husband-and-wife architectural design duo. Katrina's talents lie in space and interior design. Alister's talents lie in form and detail.

Katrina Dravitzki

I deeply value texture, finish, and proportion in design, but my true talent lies in my ability to reimagine space, layout, and functionality. This unique skill empowers me to explore boundless design opportunities, fostering fresh perspectives on architecture for our clients.

Alister Brown

I pay close attention to form and detail to ensure our work embodies all the elements you desire for your space and aligns seamlessly with your preferences. My objective extends beyond mere satisfaction; I am driven to surpass your expectations, delivering outcomes that truly elevate your experience.

Male and female posing for portrait in front of autumnal landscape

Our skilled draughtsmen, Jeremy and Mat, complete our Queenstown-based team. Together, our expertise in architecture enables us to provide a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of the process, bringing your vision to life.


Drawing on my business background, I specialise in overseeing the compliance aspects of our projects, ensuring that our processes are meticulously organised. By maintaining good order in our operations, we uphold our commitment to delivering excellent outcomes consistently.


I am dedicated to detail and documentation, ensuring thoroughness in our projects. Moreover, I manage day-to-day support for subcontractors, guaranteeing smooth operations. This comprehensive approach ensures efficient project execution and high-quality results.

We know the terrain; Central Otago is a landscape that demands considered architecture.

Our intimate knowledge of the Queenstown and Wānaka environment allows us to create bespoke builds that overcome the architectural challenges inherent in Central Otago.

Our designs honour the unique features of the area while capitalising on and protecting against our ever-changing and contrasting weather.

Your space will contain carefully selected thermal elements, clever spaces with strategic separation and materials to suit the environment and conditions.

We are locals. We mingle with the best builders and construction firms, and we know Central Otago and its building rules and regulations inside and out. This allows us to work with contractors we trust and lets us iron out and prevent wrinkles in the planning and consent process.

Based in Queenstown, since 2008, they are ArchitectureGraduate Members of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA).