This holiday home in jacks point is designed to be a perfect place for a family with grown children to come together and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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Glass, concrete, stone

Extensive knowledge in complex detailing bring designs to life, aided by photo-realistic renderings which enables clients to view, and understand the vision, well before construction begins.

The result is a double level house, with a large outdoor living room, with built in seating, gas fireplace and outdoor kitchen, created by the overhanging level above.

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The structures echo a consistent design language, both in the overall form and the way materials are used, which resonate from interior to exterior.

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The house is designed with a two-level structure, where the upper level features a floating volume that appears to be elevated above the lower level. The lower level is grounded with poured insitu concrete walls.

Craig & Tracy Wilson/Alister and Katrina were extremely easy to work with and quickly picked up on what we needed and the resulting house exceeded our expectations. Their professional partnership allowed us access to both Alister’s design expertise and Katrina’s floor plan and interior design skills. Our family and friends have all been blown away by the beauty of the house and we are very proud of it.

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