The Law House is situated on the prestigious Jacks Point golf course with 360-degree views of the lake and mountains, offering breathtaking vistas from every angle

Law 27 steel schist cladding


Stone, cedar, glass


The house is constructed mostly out of natural schist stone and features large windows to take advantage of the views.

The use of low flat forms helps to minimize the impact of human-made structures on the natural environment and allow the natural features, such as the mountains, to stand out and be appreciated.

Law 24 The Remarkables preview Law 24 The Remarkables

The interior design continues the use of natural materials to create a cohesive and warm atmosphere. The property is thoughtfully designed to connect with its natural surroundings and provide comfortable and functional living spaces.

Law 29 floor to ceiling glass preview Law 29 floor to ceiling glass
Law 32 indoor outdoor flow preview Law 32 indoor outdoor flow
Law 14 LED strip light timber ceiling preview Law 14 LED strip light timber ceiling

Subtle LED lighting strips provide a soft and ambient glow that complements the natural beauty of the landscape without being overly bright or intrusive

Law 16 timber ceiling preview Law 16 timber ceiling
Law 17 marble island preview Law 17 marble island
Law 31 outdoor fire preview Law 31 outdoor fire

Jacks Point Preserve House

Considered Dravitzki

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