In our experience, ideas to design your home flow more freely when we can meet in person for a relaxed chat. We want to get to know you, and you to know what we’re about. The bond we create will translate to a productive and successful relationship and project.




This is our foundation document. It is a detailed record of everything we’ve discussed with you about what you want and don’t want in your new home.



This is a 2D and 3D sketch design concept. It incorporates information from the brief, details from a site survey regarding land contours and potential planning requirements, and the design features and proposed materials for your new home. We’ll talk through it with you, get your feedback and use it to create the next phase of the design.


Developed Design

This stage is where the design is brought to life. We’ll present photorealistic renderings of the design exterior and interior, giving you your first real glimpse at your future home. This level of realism lets us better discuss and refine the overall design, heating, lighting, kitchen and joinery, and any home automation. We will recommend options that align with your tastes, budget and lifestyle and make sure everything is as you want it. 


Planning Consent

This is the phase for all the necessary administrative aspects of the project to ensure it runs smoothly. We will complete and submit your planning application, consult with local authorities and utility providers and begin to discuss procurement options.


Building Consent Application

We can apply for building consent once we have detailed designs. This process can sometimes result in design revisions, and we’ll have to coordinate the workload for external consultants.


Construction Documentation

This is where it all starts to feel very real. We work out the building contract, prepare specifications and schedules for tender documentation and compile a description of work. There are various options for building contracts, and we’ll map out the ones that we feel would best suit your needs and the project.


Tender Administration

This is the final stage before the build commences. We will put the work out to tender, report on proposals, appoint a contractor and put all the checks and balances in place. We’ll assemble tender documentation and compile shortlists of contractors. Our experience gives us good judgement when it comes to selecting the right contractors, but your input and thoughts remain crucial to the selection process.


Progressing the Build

This is what all our preparation and hard work together has been for: the build. We will have regular progress meetings and provide you with regular progress reports. We will report on every aspect of the build, make any small adjustments as we go and manage things every step of the way.

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