We are Katrina Dravitzki and Alister Brown – a husband-and-wife architectural design duo. Katrina's talents lie in space and interior design. Alister's talents lie in form and detail.

We live the details of the project from concept and design to build, interior design and furnishing – even down to the finer details like finding the perfect wine glass to enjoy the local delicatessen.

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Our designs balance light, depth and height with space, form and function. They thread a theme throughout. And they make a statement.

Katrina Dravitzki

I love texture, finish and materiality, but my superpower is space: I have an uncanny ability to reimagine space and volume. This opens up all sorts of design possibilities and lets us redefine how our clients think about architecture and their home.

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Alister Brown

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to form and detail. I want our work to incorporate all the elements that you want in your home and be a perfect fit for you. But I’m not content just to meet your expectations – I want to exceed them.

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We don’t do it alone.

Our skilled draughtsmen, Jeremy and Mat, complete our Queenstown-based team. Between us, our expertise in residential architecture allows us to offer a complete service that encompasses every aspect of the process to bring your new home to fruition.


I focus on the compliance aspects of our projects and make sure our processes are in good order so we can continue to have excellent outcomes. (It’s a throwback to my business background).


I'm all about the detail and the documentation. I also manage day-to-day support for our subcontractors to keep projects running smoothly.

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Central Otago is a landscape that demands considered architecture.

We know the terrain 

Our intimate knowledge of the Queenstown and Wānaka environment allows us to create bespoke residential builds that overcome the architectural challenges inherent in Central Otago. 

Our designs honour the unique features of the area while capitalising on and protecting against our ever-changing and contrasting weather. 

Your home will contain carefully selected thermal elements, clever spaces with strategic separation and materials to suit the environment and conditions.

We are locals. We mingle with the best builders and construction firms, and we know Central Otago and its building rules and regulations inside and out. This allows us to work with contractors we trust and lets us iron out and prevent wrinkles in the planning and consent process. 

Based in Queenstown, since 2008, they are Architecture Graduate Members of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA)

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